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Explore the approvals, compliance documentation, applications and assessments for the Latrobe Valley BESS


The Planning Permit for the Latrobe Valley BESS was granted by the Minister for Planning on 16 November 2021 and a further amendment to the Planning Permit approved on 9 May 2023

Compliance documentation

The construction and operation of the Latrobe Valley BESS must comply with the conditions of the planning permit, including the preparation and implementation of the following plans, strategies and programs:

Environmental Management Plan Download PDF

This section will be updated with any relevant monitoring, audit and compliance documentation as the Project Progresses.

Environmental Noise Assessment (Pre-construction) Download PDF

Applications and Assessments

The planning permit application for the Latrobe Valley BESS addressed a number of environmental considerations relevant to the Project’s location and nature of the BESS development.

The planning permit application and all supporting environmental assessments can be viewed via the Victorian Government Planning Portal.