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Developed by our team to reflect what matters most to us, our Tilt values are simple, unequivocal and focused on how we generate a difference – for our business, for our investors, for the communities we work with, and for the countries we help energise.

Our Values

We are powered through people and we make a difference together. Our relationships internally and with customers, contractors, communities, landowners and other stakeholders define everything we do. We have a long-term approach, we listen and we welcome new thinking.

We demonstrate how much we value people through our commitment to safety and sustainability for our people, our assets and our communities.

People Powered

We do what we say we will because actions speak louder than words and we are passionate about what we do. We get a lot done often against the odds. Everything we do adds meaning and new opportunity for our future and the future of the countries we operate in.

We are energised and committed. The energy we share to get things done inspires and motivates us. We’re open. We’re down to earth.

Get it done

We call the future as we see it. We’re fearless in our determination to renew old thinking and attitudes.

We connect with others to make change. We speak up, so that everyone feels they have a voice. We take the initiative where others might hesitate or hold back, because that’s the only way the future will change.

We lead

Our Footprint

There is a strong sense that everyone at Tilt Renewables is part of something special - that Gen Tilt is fundamentally about having a lighter impact on our planet and helping create a world that future generations can be proud of.

We believe that our values capture what is important to us at Gen Tilt, framed by the concept of Our Footprint, they set the tone for our culture and reflecting the way we work.

Our footprint symbolises our commitment to upholding the values of Gen Tilt.

We are people powered (our feet our grounded)

We get it done (walking the walk)

We lead (setting the pace)

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