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The Waddi Wind Farm and Solar Farm is located approximately 15km north-west of the township of Dandaragan and approximately 150 kilometres north of Perth in the mid-west region of Western Australia’s wheatbelt.

Project Details

Wind Prospect commenced development of the project in 2009 as one of two wind farm projects known collectively as the Dandaragan Wind Farm. In October 2015 Tilt Renewables (then Trustpower) purchased the Waddi Wind Farm project (the project located to the north-west of Dandaragan) from Wind Prospect. The Waddi Wind Farm will be spread across 10,400 ha and will consist of up to 57 turbines with and installed capacity of up to approximately 170 MW.

The Waddi Solar Plant will be located within the boundary of the Waddi Wind Farm. The project will include a number of arrays consisting of either static or single axis tracking photovoltaic panels. The arrays will cover an area up to approximately 160 hectares, with an installed capacity of up to 40 MW. The ultimate size and output of the wind farm and solar plant projects will be dependent on the market and technology type selected.


The Waddi Wind Farm was granted conditional planning approval for up to 57 turbines by the Shire of Dandaragan on the 15 December 2011, as part of the combined Dandaragan Wind Farm. The planning approval allows for the Waddi Wind Farm to be developed separately. In September 2016 a planning permit amendment was approved for changes to the project layout, to increase the turbine tip height from 152 metres to 165 metres and to allow for a separate connection to the electricity network.

In February 2019 a planning permit amendment was approved to increase the wind turbine tip height from 165m to 180m. This higher tip height will significantly increase potential electrical energy generation and maximise the output from the wind farm site.

Separate planning approval was also secured for the Waddi Solar Plant in September 2016.

Project benefits

The clean energy produced by the Waddi Wind and Solar Farm will contribute towards the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET).

The project will employ over 150 people during construction and will require 6-10 full time staff during its predicted 25 year lifespan. All Tilt Renewables projects have resulted in significant local employment and Tilt Renewables will continue to recommend maximising local employment in Tilt Renewables construction contracts.

The majority of local employment is during construction, but the operations phase also provides opportunities for local employment and for local businesses. Typical goods and services likely to be sourced locally during construction and operations locally include accommodation, engineering, freight services, construction materials and equipment, local labour, technical contractors, earth works services, fencing and landscaping.

To register interest in providing goods or services for the Waddi Wind Farm project please click here and complete the form.

Alternatively, you can contact us using our details provided below.

The roughly $500m dollar project will result in significant local economic benefits, including a direct injection of over $1m per annum to the local community through payments to involved landholders, permanent staff and community fund contributions. It will assist local farmers by providing a drought-proofing and post-retirement income stream.

“Tilt Renewables is also committed to providing financial support for local community services through a community benefit program at all of its operating projects.”

Inputs will be sought from the community to inform and shape how a community fund could be implemented.

  • Generate enough combined renewable energy to power 33,522 homes.
  • Result in 195,000 tons of greenhouse gas savings by offsetting traditional thermal generation (equivalent to removing 90,000 cars from our roads per annum).
  • Smaller environmental footprint than comparative forms of generation.
  • The land can be rehabilitated to its original condition at the end of the project when all above ground infrastructure is removed.
  • Minimal impact on the productivity of traditional farming activities.
  • Additional fire breaks and improved access roads for firefighting.
  • Offsetting any environmental impacts where they can’t be avoided with net environmental benefits.
  • Additional energy supply to help meet the growing demands in Western Australia.


An extensive community consultation process has been undertaken for the proposed Waddi Wind Farm prior to and as part of the planning approval process. The purpose of this consultation has been to provide accurate information on the project and wind farms in general to the community as well as giving the community the opportunity to influence the project design.

Tilt Renewables values community engagement and relationships very highly and take a lot of pride in the good relationships developed around the projects to date.

As the long term owner and operator of the wind farm and solar plant, Tilt Renewables envision becoming an active part of the community over the 25 year life of the project.

The project team welcomes the opportunity to come and meet with you to discuss the project and answer any queries you may have. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

News & Updates

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