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Tilt Renewables is committed to sharing the benefits of our projects with the local and regional community.

While renewable energy brings environmental benefits, the Waddi Wind Farm and Waddi Solar Farm will also bring employment opportunities and a community benefits plan that aims to strengthen the local community.

Project Benefits

The Projects would employ around 150 people during construction and up to six people during operation. They would also inject funds into the local community through payments to involved landholders, use of local goods and services and community fund contributions.

Typical goods and services likely to be sourced locally during construction and operations include accommodation, engineering, freight services, construction materials and equipment, local labour, technical contractors, earth works services, fencing and landscaping.

Register your interest

To register your interest in providing goods or services to the Waddi Wind Farm or Waddi Solar Farm projects please click here

The Waddi Wind farm would generate enough renewable energy to power 68,000 homes. Every year this would avoid 286,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the same as taking 90,000 cars off the road.

The Waddi Solar Farm would build on this generating enough renewable energy to power a further 17,000 homes. Every year this would avoid 71,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefit Sharing Plans will be developed for the Projects. The plan will focus on:

  • Ensuring the local community directly benefits from the Project
  • Broader public benefits and economic development that address the needs of the region
  • Building on strategic opportunities to drive local innovation
  • Creating a legacy beyond the immediate benefits of the Project.

The Benefit Sharing Plans will be developed in consultation with the Yued group, Shire of Dandaragan, involved landowners, along with broader consultation with the overall community.