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Salt Creek Wind Farm is located on a Merino Stud Farm near Woorndoo, about 250 kilometres west of Melbourne, Victoria.

Project Overview

Financial close for the project was reached on June 30, 2017. Construction of the Salt Creek Wind Farm commenced in September 2017 and was completed in late July 2018.  

Please find maps of the project below:

Further details about the project and copies of our newsletters and FAQs can be found below.

SCWF Lend A Hand Community Benefit Fund

The Salt Creek Wind Farm Lend A Hand Community Benefit Fund is now open for applications.

A subcommittee of the Woorndoo Community Group has been established to administer the fund. The guidelines and application form will be available on this site later this week and you can direct any enquiries to 1800 122 823 or [email protected]

The fund will provide $25,000 in its first year, followed by $10,000 annually for the life of the wind farm.

SCWF Scholarship Fund

In recognition of the importance of tertiary education and its associated costs, the Salt Creek Wind Farm has established an annual scholarship of $30,000 for the benefit of a deserving local applicant. Developed by the project land holder with the support of Tilt Renewables, applications for the scholarship are now open. You can read more at

Project Details

Clean Energy

The Salt Creek Wind Farm uses 15 Vestas V126-3.6MW wind turbines and produces about 172GWh of clean energy each year. This has the potential to power more than 30,000 homes and is enough energy to meet the needs of a town more than twice the size of Warrnambool.

It will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions through clean, renewable energy ad contribute to Victoria's renewable energy ambitions and the Federal Government's 2020 Renewable Energy Target. 


The Salt Creek Wind Farm was approved by Planning Permit PL06/304 issued by the Moyne Shire Council in May 2007 and subsequently extended in 2010, 2011 and 2014. This planning permit was amended in February 2016 to permit larger rotors and to increase generation output.

The transmission line is designed to operate at 66kV and therefore did not require a planning permit. However, planning permits were required for the removal of native vegetation associated with the construction of the transmission line. Two planning permits were applied for in 2016 (one for native vegetation within the Corangamite Shire and another within the Moyne Shire) and were granted by the Minister for Planning in early 2017.

The project did not require formal assessment under the State Environment Effects Act 1978 or the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Please find copies of the planning permits for the project below:

Now that the wind farm is operation, there are a number of ongoing compliance activities. These include environmental compliance such as bird and bat monitoring, noise compliance monitoring and visual assessments to ensure compliance with the planning permit requirements.

A copy of the Bat and Avifauna Management Plan for the project can be viewed below. 

Visual screening will be offered to dwellings within three kilometres of the wind farm site boundary that are visually impacted. Residents within this range will be contacted via mail in the next few months to offer a site visit by Tilt Renewables and a qualified landscape architect to review the impact at their property. If needed an appropriate vegetation screening plan will be developed.

Tilt Renewables is committed to open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders, with an aim to build and enhance community acceptance and trust in all projects and in the renewable energy industry as a whole.

We welcome your feedback if you have any concerns and are happy to assist with any questions you may have about the project.

We are also committed to providing financial support to the local community through community benefit programs. This includes the Salt Creek Wind Farm Lend a Hand Community Benefit Fund which is currently being established.

The program will provide funds for community projects and initiatives in the area and will be administered by an independent community group. The fund will have an initial contribution of $25,000 followed by $10,000 annually for the life of the wind farm.

We are currently looking for your feedback on the selection of an independent community group to administer the fund. Please see details below:

The fund is in addition to the Salt Creek Education Scholarship Fund which will commence in 2019.

For further information on the Salt Creek Farm please contact the project team at [email protected] or on 1800 122 823.

If you have a complaint, please contact us at [email protected] or on 1800 306 118.

You can find Tilt Renewables' Complaints Handling Procedure here.

News & Updates

Salt Creek Wind Farm, approximately 2 hours west of Melbourne (5km south of Woorndoo), opened its gates to the public on Sunday October 21st as part of the Wind Farm Open Day initiative.  A great day was had by all.  Video from Salt Creek Wind Farm open day

Construction Update #18 – June 26, 2018

Salt Creek Wind Farm has been generating electricity from 5 June.  All the wind turbines are currently connected to the grid and final testing with the Australian Energy Market Operation (AEMO) is ongoing.

Remaining construction activities on site include; completion of minor works, rehabilitation and de-mobilisation activities.

Completion of site construction activities is expected by mid-July.

Construction Update #17 – June 5, 2018

Salt Creek Wind Farm achieved generator registration from AEMO on Monday 28 May 2018, providing the clearance for the wind farm to generate electricity in the National Electricity Market.

Erection and installation of all the 15 wind turbines was completed on Sunday 3 June with cranes now being dismantled and de-mobilised from the wind farm site.

The AusNet Services transmission line between Terang and the Salt Creek Wind Farm is now fully operational with energisation of the line taking place on Monday 4 June. AusNet Services will now de-mobilise their plant and equipment and commence the operational phase of their asset.

Together with energisation of the transmission line, the wind farm substation and underground collector cables were energised on Monday 4 June. Efforts are now focused on the progressive commissioning and testing of the WTGs, with operations on track to commence in July 2018. 


Half the towers have now been completed at the Salt Creek Wind Farm and installation continues on the remaining towers. A second crane has now been mobilised on site in order to accelerate the rate of installation and it may be necessary to take windows of low wind opportunity to install major turbine components at night, if high wind prevents lifting operations during the day.

There are a small amount of tower components still to arrive on site, which will require further oversized deliveries. These should arrive over the next week or so.

The transmission line is still on track to be completed by the middle of the month.

Commissioning of the transmission line and substation, followed by the wind turbines, will commence in the latter part of May. You will be able to observe the wind turbines spinning and commencing operational tests after this period.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE #15 - April 23, 2018

Turbine erection works will continue this week installing the upper tower sections, nacelle and blades on the remaining towers.

On site night works may also commence. There will be minimal disruption to the community and site works will continue to comply with the management plans required for the project's planning approvals. You may see some illumination on site at night as lighting is required to work safely after dark. There may also be additional light vehicle movements at night as workers commute to and from the site.

There are still oversized deliveries to come, but these should be largely completed by mid-May.

Work is progressing on the transmission line. There is about 20 kilometres of the line conductor to be strung, but all towers have been installed.

Commissioning of the transmission line and substation, followed by the wind turbines will commence in the latter part of May. You will be able to observe the wind turbines spinning and commencing operational tests after this period.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE #14 - April 9, 2018

Five of the Salt Creek Wind Farm's wind turbines have been fully erected, with the base section of all 15 towers completed last week. While the majority of major components have been delivered to site, there will be ongoing oversized deliveries between now and the end of May.

Work on the overhead line is continuing. All poles are now installed along the route, with stringing of the line conductor being finalised. The wind farm substation will be energised in May after the overhead line is complete.

Commissioning of the transmission line and substation, followed by the wind turbines, will begin during May. You will be able to observe the wind turbines spinning and commencing operation during this period.


CONSTRUCTION UPDATE #13 - March 19, 2018

Wind Farm

Work is continuing on erecting wind turbines at the site. We have one tower fully erected and five other towers have the base and lower mid sections assembled. High winds have delayed installation but it is anticipated a further two turbines will be fully erected by the end of this week.

There are still about 44 tower sections and 27 blades to be delivered. These OD deliveries will occur over the next few weeks and you can access the transport delivery routes for the blades and the towers in the project news section above. These deliveries are escorted and scheduled to avoid school bus hours. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Paul Holzweber on 0436 689 458.

In addition to tower installation, substation commissioning and ongoing construction of the operations and maintenance facility is occurring. Work is on schedule for the wind farm to commence renewable electricity operations at the end of April.

Transmission Line

The recent fires in the area have not damaged the transmission  line. All work is focused on erecting the remaining poles and stringing the conductor. There are about 35 poles still to be installed and much of the overhead line yet to be strung.

Sections of the line nearing completion (where stringing has been finished) are:

  • Hexham-Woorndoo Road to Hamilton Highway;
  • Tapps Lane;
  • Londrigans Lane;
  • Cliffords Lane.

Testing and commissioning at the Terang Switching Station is in progress. Work is on track for the transmission line to be completed mid to late April. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the transmission line please contact John Rock on 0431 498 021 or email [email protected]

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE #12 - March 5, 2018

Wind Farm

Work on erecting the 15 wind turbines is progressing well, with some tower bases partially installed.

Major tower components are continuing to be delivered to site and sometimes there are multiple deliveries each day. Nine major component deliveries are required for each of the 15 wind turbines, with four tower sections, one nacelle, one hub and three blades per turbine.

The four tower sections are erected first, then the nacelle is placed on top. Following that the hub is lifted and connected to the nacelle. Each blade weighs about 12.5 tonne and these are lifted and connected to the hub in three separate lifts. These lifts are a delicate part of the process and only undertaken when weather conditions are appropriate, with minimal wind.

All oversized deliveries to the site will be escorted and movements are scheduled to avoid school bus hours. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Anthony Berzi on 0439 350 602.

Work is on schedule for the wind farm to commence operations in April.

Transmission line

Close to 80 per cent of the overhead line poles have been installed and stringing of the conductors has commenced. It is expected that all overhead line works will be completed by the end of April.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the transmission line please contact the construction manager Grant Tonkin on 0447 500 137 or email [email protected]

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE #11 - Feb 19, 2018

Wind Farm

Wind turbine components will commence delivery from Portland to the site this week. As part of this it is expected the first large, over dimensional (OD) delivery will occur tomorrow (Tuesday). This OD delivery will be of a turbine tower and is expected to occur in the morning, after school bus hours.

The OD delivery will travel via the Glenelg Highway from Portland and then from Lake Bolac make its way south along the Mortlake Ararat Road to the wind farm site. This will be the first of several OD deliveries to site that will occur over at least the next three weeks. Further details on the schedule will be available through these website updates.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Anthony Berzi on 0439 350 602.

On site, all 15 foundations and hard stands have been completed for the arrival of the towers. Foundation earth works are still underway, while at the substation works are progressing according to schedule.

Transmission Line

Work on the transmission line is continuing. Half of the poles have been erected and some stringing of the conductor (wires) commenced last week.

Delivery of materials for the transmission line is now complete, however, construction traffic will continue to access Woodcutters Lane and Hexham-Woorndoo Road. Heavy vehicles associated with the transmission line will avoid transit on Woodcutters Lane during school bus times. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the transmission line please contact the construction manager Grant Tonkin on 0447 500 137 or email [email protected]


CONSTRUCTION UPDATE #10 - Jan 31, 2018

Wind Farm

Work on the wind farm is progressing according to schedule. All 15 hard stands and foundations have been completed and installation of cables and foundation earth works continues. Works are also progressing well on the substation. Wind turbine generator components have arrived in Portland and the towers are being manufactured by Keppel Prince Engineering ready for delivery to site in late February.

Transmission Line

Construction activities have ramped up considerably on the overhead line. This high level of activity is expected to continue until completion of the works. Material delivery is now coming to an end. However, transmission line construction traffic will continue to access Woodcutters Lane and Hexham-Woorndoo Road to finalise the component delivery and construct and commission the line. Heavy vehicles associated with the transmission line will avoid transit on Woodcutters Lane during school bus times. If you have concerns regarding the transmission line please contact the construction manager Grant Tonkin on 0447 500 137 or email [email protected]


Wind Farm

Work on the Salt Creek Wind Farm is progressing well following a short break over the festive season.  The wind farm access tracks and hardstands are now fully constructed and 13 of the 15 wind turbine foundations have been poured.  The control/switch room has also been installed at the wind farm substation along with the main transformer and installation of the underground electrical cables that link the wind turbines to the substation is underway.

Meteorological masts used to measure the climatic conditions at the site and test the performance of the wind turbines have also been installed.

We are very pleased to be supporting Portland-based manufacturing company Keppel Prince who have started work on the wind turbine towers for the site.  Transport of the tower sections from Portland to site will commence next month.

Transmission Line

 From 22 January activity on the Hexham-Woorndoo Road section of the route will increase as transmission line staff begin work on this section of line.  We are making every effort to keep traffic on this road to a minimum, ensuring all wind farm employees continue to travel to and from the wind farm by turning north on Hexham-Woorndoo Road. 

Pole erection continues across the transmission line route with 13 of the 47 strain foundations installed and poles erected on five of these. AusNet have also installed eight intermediate strain poles and delivery of these will continue throughout January.  We expect the rates of pole erection to increase over coming weeks and stringing of the conductor lines to commence. 


Today is the last day of wind farm construction before the Christmas break. No construction activities are anticipated between 22nd December 2017 and 2nd January 2018. There will be a wind farm and overhead line site presence during the Christmas break to maintain security. If you have any queries prior to January 2, please call 

Wind Farm Site Manager
Jason Donohue
0427 764 825

Tilt Renewables Engineer
Simon Stitz
0423 845 696

Tilt Renewables Project Manager
John Rock
0431 498 021 

Tilt Renewables 
Aus Ph: 1800 122 82
[email protected]


The first of 15 wind turbine foundations has been poured this week and we plan to pour three per week. Each foundation requires approximately 370 cubic meters of concrete which includes  114 tons of  cement. Within the wind farm construction of the 8km of access tracks, 15 hard stands and 15 foundation excavations is on schedule.

On the overhead line 11 of 47 strain foundations have been poured and 5 of 47 strain poles have been stood. Intermediate pole deliveries commenced next week and installation will commence soon. 

CFA volunteers visited the site today to review our fire mitigation measures and ensure they have knowledge of the water tanks and access tanks we have on site.


Tar sealing of the Hexham-Woorndoo Road is now complete. This work took place once the road base moisture content had dropped sufficiently following the spring rainy season, ensuring longevity of the road. There is now a five kilometre stretch of road that is fully tarred.

AusNet Services contractor, Broadspectrum, has commenced work on the 50km transmission line from Salt Creek Wind Farm to Terang Switching Station. Poles, conductor, insulators and other hardware will be delivered over coming weeks and mobilisation of plant, equipment and resources is underway. 


The five-kilometre upgrade of the Hexham-Woorndoo Road is expected to be completed next week, now that major delays due to the weather (with respect to road moisture content) appear to be at an end.

Works have also commenced on the 50-kilometre transmission line, which will run from Salt Creek to Terang (view the route plan here).

Works are currently underway south of Mortlake on Grinters Lane and Tapp Lane, with pegging of the holes taking place and foundations being installed. Transit traffic should exercise caution and be aware of traffic management measures and reduction in speed limits while these works are underway.


Tar sealing the Hexham/Woorndoo Road has been postponed due to rain. The longevity of the upgrade works would be diminished if it was sealed while the moisture content was too high.

Survey work of the overhead line commenced last week with pegging of pole positions.  Digging of the holes required for the foundations will start this week. AusNet overhead line construction works will start near the intersection of Grinters and Tapps Lane and progress towards the Terang Substation.

All contractors are in the process of confirming school bus times and routes to ensure their major deliveries avoid school buses. This procedure is required to be repeated at the commencement of each school term throughout the duration of the project.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE #3 - Sept 18, 2017

The five kilometre Hexham/Woorndoo Road upgrade works commenced at the end of August and are expected to be completed in mid October.

The site access tracks approaching the wind farm have commenced, as have the temporary platforms required for site establishment and the permanent platforms required for the substation and O&M facility.

Design work for the project is well progressed and all long lead items have been secured and transport planned. Work on the 15 turbine foundations is expected to commence at the end of October and may be completed by the middle of March next year.

Major transport deliveries of blades, towers and nacelles is expected to commence in February next year and may be completed in April.

Turbine assembly installation using major cranes is scheduled to commence in February and may conclude in April. Energisation of electrical infrastructure is expected by the end of March next year.


Work is currently commencing on the upgrade of the five kilometre stretch of the Hexham/Woorndoo Road. It is anticipated this work will take five to six weeks.

In addition to the road upgrade, civil works will soon begin onsite with the access roads and various hard stand platforms expecting to be commenced mid September.


International turbine supplier Vestas and balance-of-plant contractor Zenviron have partnered in a consortium to build the Salt Creek Wind Farm. Site works will begin during September, with construction currently in the design planning stages. 

Various submissions have been collated in a Goods & Services Register which is being reviewed by the consortium, which may contract these goods and services. We thank everyone who attended the July Community Day, which distributed information about the project and updated interested locals on the process, with about 40 people calling in throughout the course of the day. 

The first major work will be the five kilometre Hexham/Woorndoo Road upgrade. This road work is a priority and is to be completed as soon as possible. While the road upgrade in occurring the site access road will commence, the site offices and various letdown areas will be installed, as well as the platforms for the operations and maintenance building and substation.

Regular updates will be made on this Project News section throughout the course of construction. If you have any queries please phone 1800 122 823 or email [email protected]