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The Rye Park Wind Farm is located to the north of Yass and east of Boorowa, New South Wales, on the edge of the Southern Tablelands and the South West Slopes in the vicinity of the township of Rye Park.

Project Overview

We were recently in Rye Park, Yass and Boorowa consulting on our proposed changes for the modification application. If you were unable to attend, we encourage you to send us an email with any concerns or feedback you may have: or call us on 1800 WE TILT (938 458).

The Rye Park Wind Farm is an approved $700 million development north of Yass and east of Boorowa, near the township of Rye Park.

Located on a long ridgeline running north-south at right angles to the prevailing wind direction, it provides a reliable source of wind.

The project area spans the Hilltops, Upper Lachlan and Yass Valley local government areas, located 11 km north-east of Yass on predominately stock farming land.

The wind farm would connect to the National Electricity Market via TransGrid’s 330KV Yass to Gullen Range Line via a new 330kV connection substation.

The site has been selected for its exposed windy ridges, cleared grazing land and proximity to the national electricity grid.

Please find maps of the project below:

The wind farm is approved for up to 92 wind turbines with a maximum tip height of 157 meters.

See proposed modifications below.

Project Details

Current approvals

The Rye Park Wind Farm received planning and environmental approvals in 2017. Links to key assessment and approval documents are provided below:

  • The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Rye Park Wind Farm was lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) in March 2014. A copy of the EA can be found here.
  • Since acquiring the project in 2014, Tilt Renewables undertook extensive additional site investigations and stakeholder consultation. As a result, a number of refinements were made to the site layout including a reduction in the number of turbines from 126 to 109 and adjustments to the locations of turbines, access tracks, powerlines and associated infrastructure. A Response to Submissions report was lodged with DPE which was placed on public exhibition from 18 May 2016 to 23 June 2016. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.
  • The Project received planning approval for up to 92 turbines from the former NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) in May 2017. A copy of the final approval and conditions can be downloaded here.
  • The Project also received approval under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) issued by the Department of the Environment and Energy in December 2017 (reference EPBC 2014/7163), and can be downloaded here.

During construction and operation of the wind farm there will be a number of activities required to comply with the PAC and EPBC Act approvals. These will include environmental compliance such as bird and bat monitoring, noise compliance monitoring and visual assessments to ensure compliance with the development consent requirements.

Modification to the Rye Park Wind Farm development consent

Tilt Renewables is proposing to modify some aspects of the approved Rye Park Wind Farm project.

Since the project was approved, there have been significant advancements in wind turbine technology. New, more efficient turbines are now available. Using the latest turbines at Rye Park Wind Farm would allow the project to generate more electricity from fewer turbines, powering more homes with clean energy.

Recent technical studies, detailed design and construction planning has also given us a clearer picture of how the Rye Park Wind Farm could look and operate.

This new information has identified some changes that would allow the wind farm to be built and operated more efficiently, make best use of the latest wind turbines on the market and address design challenges.

The proposed modification includes:

  • reducing the number of turbines from 92 to 80;
  • increasing tip height from 157m to 200m;
  • removing one substation and one operation and maintenance facility; and
  • identifying a preferred construction truck route.

The modification is also expected to result in changes to:

  • length and width of access tracks (on wind farm site);
  • length of underground cabling (on wind farm site);
  • length of overhead power lines (on wind farm site);
  • area of site disturbance (on wind farm site and off site due to road upgrades); and
  • native vegetation removal (on wind farm site and off site due to road upgrades).

Detailed design and environmental studies are underway to understand the extent of these changes and any potential impacts.

The modification will not seek to change other operational requirements in the development consent, including those for noise, air emissions and shadow flicker.

We expect to apply for a modification to the existing Rye Park Wind Farm development consent in the first half of 2020.

See the Project overview and proposed modification fact sheet for further information.

EPBC approval

Re-referral of the project’s approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) may be needed to support the modification.

The Rye Park Wind Farm will deliver a range of environmental, economic and social benefits.

Jobs and local benefits

  • Around 250 jobs during construction
  • Around 10 jobs during long-term operations
  • Supporting local businesses and creating jobs by buying local goods and services
  • Upgrades to some local roads
  • Creation of additional fire breaks and improved access roads for fire fighting

Economic development

  • At least $230,000 per year in community funding
  • Around $3 million in direct payments to local landowners
  • Significant local and regional economic benefits
  • Drought-proof and post-retirement income stream for farmers


  • Clean and renewable source of energy
  • Approximately 35% increase in generation capacity – enough to power around 240,000 homes per year
  • Offsets the emission of more than one million tonnes of carbon per annum – equivalent to removing 370,000 cars from the roads each year
  • Construction carbon emissions offset within first year of construction Zero carbon emissions during operation
  • Building increased knowledge of local plant and animal species through surveys, monitoring and protection

Wind farm construction creates hundreds of direct jobs on site and thousands of jobs in businesses that supply the project. The types of jobs created include:

  • Domestic scale electricians;
  • Transport operators;
  • Competent machine operators;
  • General labourers;
  • Quarries; and
  • Concrete businesses

Construction also provides an economic boost for regional communities by increasing demand for local goods and services, such as accommodation, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

We are committed to employing local people and buying local wherever possible.

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Alternatively, you can contact us using our details provided below.


Tilt Renewables is strongly committed to the communities where we operate. We are committed to open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders, with an aim to build and enhance community acceptance and trust in all projects and in the renewable energy industry as a whole.

We welcome your feedback if you have any concerns and are happy to assist with any questions you may have about the project.

We have been discussing the proposed modification to the Rye Park Wind Farm development consent with the community on the following topics:

  • Does the proposed modification to the Rye Park Wind Farm development consent raise any new concerns or ideas for you?
  • Do you have suggestions for how Tilt Renewables can contribute positively to your community?
  • How would you like us to consult with you and keep you informed about the project in future?

We are committed to listening and will use feedback to inform the modification application, detailed design and construction planning, the way we work together and share benefits with the local community, and the ways we consult and keep you informed about the project.

A Community Consultative Committee (CCC) was established in 2012. The CCC meets regularly and provides a forum for discussion between Tilt Renewables and representatives of the community, council and stakeholders with an interest in the Rye Park Wind Farm.

Copies of the previous CCC meeting minutes can be found here.

Read more about the role and function of a CCC at the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment website.

We are committed to sharing the benefits of the Rye Park Wind Farm with the local communities.

Community Enhancement Fund

We have an agreement with local councils to provide $2,500 per constructed turbine per year to a community fund that will commence when the project starts operating.

An independent community group overseen by the Yass Valley, Hilltops and Upper Lachlan councils will administer the funds. At least 20% of the funds will be allocated to educational needs.

The proposed modification would reduce the number of turbines at Rye Park Wind Farm but we don’t want this to reduce financial support for the community – so we are committing to providing community funding for 92 turbines. Funding for any unbuilt turbines could be added to the council administered community fund or directed toward other local initiatives.

Neighbour agreements

We are inviting our closest neighbours to share in the financial benefits of the wind farm through neighbour agreements. These agreements are part of our commitment to being a good long-term neighbour, sharing benefits and contributing to the local community. Eligible neighbours will be contacted directly during late 2019.

News and Updates

We are visiting Boorowa, Rye Park and Yass during 12-14 November and seeking community feedback between 4 November and 4 December 2019. See the community engagement section above for details.

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Contact Details

For further information on the Rye Park Wind Farm please contact the project team at or on 1800 WE TILT (938 458).

To register interest in providing goods or services for the Rye Park Wind Farm please click here and complete the form.

Alternatively, you can contact us using our details provided below.

If you have a complaint, please contact us at or on 1800 306 118.

You can find Tilt Renewables' Complaints Handling Procedure here.