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As the oldest and smallest wind farm in the Tilt Renewables fleet, Crookwell was established in 1998 as a demonstration project to prove the technology had reached commercial scale.

Project Details

Commissioned in 1998, Crookwell was the first wind farm in New South Wales and utilises 8 Vestas V44-600 kW wind turbines, which at the time were state of the art. 

The project was used also to educate the wider community about the effects and benefits of the technology and included information displays and a viewing platform.  

The project is now helping the industry to understand the realities of operating an asset that is close to the end of its 20-year design life, including how new innovations can improve performance and extend the productive life of the turbines.

With the support of Vestas for maintenance services, the turbines continue to operate as reliably as new turbines and are expected to continue operating well longer than the original design life. 

“In due course, the Crookwell Wind Farm will reach the end of it commercial life and continue its original educational role by allowing the industry to learn decommissioning techniques.”

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