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Tilt Renewables brings a fresh approach to electricity generation. We tilt for good. We tilt for the future.

Our name

We take our name from the way wind turbines tilt to catch the wind and solar panels tilt towards the sun.

Our passion for rebalancing electricity generation, combined with our fresh approach, has seen us engage with communities to build real and sustained support for what we're doing, and deliver industry leading transactions that have tilted the energy sector towards a better, renewables-dominated future. We’re genuine about our commitment to renewables, and that’s why it’s in our name. 

Our Identity

Our logo is straightforward, just as we promise to be. It is derived from wind direction and the sun’s rays. The combination of blue skies and yellow rays combine to create our positive green brand colour. 

The lean of Tilt is a nod to our attitude. Tilt Renewables does things differently to provide benefits to our communities, great jobs for our employees and sustainable returns for our shareholders. 

Our business is serious, but we also have fun, establish strong relationships and feel good about what we do. 

In our partnerships we look to take the angle that makes it work for both parties.

Our Journey

Embarking on a mission to forge meaningful connections within our communities, engage our exceptional team, and deliver value to our stakeholders, we have always set our sights on a future defined by sustainability and progress.

In October 2016, Tilt Renewables emerged as a dynamic force in the renewable energy landscape after a successful demerger from Trustpower. With an impressive track record of spearheading eleven renewable project developments, we established a portfolio spanning Australia and New Zealand. Our total capacity reached 500 MW, complimented by a further 336 MW being commissioned, and a credible development pipeline exceeding 5 GW. Notable projects such as Salt Creek Wind Farm, Dundonnell Wind Farm, and Waipipi Wind Farms showcased our commitment to innovation and excellence.

A pivotal moment in our evolution transpired in 2021 when Powering Australian Renewables, an influential renewable energy platform dedicated to driving large-scale projects across Australia, acquired the Australian assets and operations of Tilt Renewables. This strategic partnership, a collaboration between Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), Future Fund, and AGL Energy, marked a milestone in the industry, bringing with it the investment in four generation assets encompassing solar and wind energy, with a combined capacity of 807 MW.

Where We Are Today

We stand proudly as one of Australia's leading developers, owners, and operators of renewable generation, supported by a consortium of the country's most respected strategic investors. Under Tilt Renewables, we now possess an operational renewable energy capacity of 1.3 GW, with an additional 0.4 GW under construction across our ten geographically diverse wind and solar generation assets.

Headquartered in Melbourne, with an additional office in Sydney, our dynamic team comprises over 80 talented professionals. From our dedicated development and delivery experts to our astute asset managers, energy market specialists, and financial wizards, every individual plays a crucial role in propelling our success.

Our ownership structure reflects the calibre of our partners: Queensland Government-owned investment company QIC with a 40% stake, while the Australian Government sovereign wealth fund, Future Fund, holds an equally influential 40%. The remaining 20% is owned by AGL Energy Ltd, the nation's largest energy retailing and generation business.

As we forge ahead, we proudly carry a robust pipeline of projects under development. Guided by experienced teams with an enviable track record, we possess the expertise and vision to seize the immense opportunities that await us.

Together, we’re aiming to redefine the future of renewable energy and pave the way toward a brighter and more sustainable world.