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Our goal is to more than double our current operating renewable generation capacity over the next five years, and then to position ourselves beyond 2020 for further wind and solar build if the policy framework and market fundamentals are supportive.
Maintaining the performance of our existing asset base is key to achieving this goal.

Wind & Solar Focus

Electricity markets in Australia and New Zealand are very different and require a different mix of asset attributes for success.

To achieve our goal in Australia, we will focus on completing the planing approvals and preparing for the construction of the best sites in our development pipeline, looking at further acquisition of permitted wind and solar sites to bolster that pipeline.

In New Zealand the focus will be on maintaining our long dated development options and securing one key North Island option.  These activities will allow us to move quickly as the New Zealand market evolves.

Enabling technologies such as storage will also have a role to play, and whilst stand-alone storage assets are yet to be economic, we believe these will be important to a successful renewable asset portfolio. 

“Our development portfolio provides solar and wind options throughout Australia and New Zealand, positioning us well to grow shareholder value via investment in both countries.”

Our 54MW Salt Creek Wind Farm located in Western Victoria was successfully commissioned and taken over in July 2018. Successfully completing our first project since demerging from Trustpower, marks a significant milestone for our team and project partners.

Our focus now shifts to delivering further shareholder value from the other near term projects in our development pipeline and we are currently working with suppliers to achieve Financial Investment Decision (FID) on a larger project within the next 6 months.

We now have an operational capacity of 636MW and a development pipeline in excess of 3500MW, with more than 1500MW holding required planning approvals.