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Healthy, safe people are critical to a dynamic productive workplace. We are committed to proactively working with our employee and contractor partners to continually reduce harm, including harm related to psychosocial risks in the workplace. That commitment starts at Board level with our Health, Safety, Environment and Community Committee and continues throughout our operations.

We think safety

Our Health, Safety and Environment Team, embedded within the operations of the business, supports our employees and projects through all stages of development, delivery and operations as well as through our corporate activities. We build strong relationships with our contractors and consultants and work collaboratively towards our shared goals.

Our approach

At Tilt Renewables we evaluate our risk using our risk management framework and apply the same governance to our contractors during our prequalification processes, tender evaluations, and to the engineered solutions we design. We use benchmarking, industry engagement and a rigorous assurance program to deliver in line with best practice. All our contractors are included in this journey.

Tilt Renewables employees are empowered to be leaders in safety, promoting a strong safety culture throughout all interactions through safe decision making and behaviours. From our head office to our construction sites and operating assets, the only way to get it done, is to get it done safely. We have a strong organisational focus on wellbeing, including a wellbeing strategy which targets physical health, mental health and an extensive range of support available.

Our integrated systems approach includes health and safety, the environment, community and contractor management. We develop systems, tools and applications that are as simple and effective to use as possible and that fully comply with regulations.