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Tilt Renewables assures quality governance, robust processes, and real transparency, just as you’d expect of a leading name on the New Zealand and Australian Sharemarkets. This is the place to find out about our business performance, and what we offer investors.

Latest Information

Whether you’re a Tilt Renewables investor, potential investor, or stakeholder, or you’re simply keen to understand more about our business, register your interest below and stay up to date with the latest news. Here you’ll find our governance documents, key investor information, and details of our major shareholders. You’ll also find comprehensive reporting on our past investment performance, and upcoming dates of importance.

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Key dates

We are committed to providing our shareholders with clear information on our business and investor performance.  Below are the expected dates for when key information will be released.

9 May 2019 - Full year results

24 June 2019 - Annual report published

21 August 2019 - Annual Meeting 

31 October 2019 - Half year results


Tilt Renewables has been established to invest into the renewable energy sector and with a large development pipeline requiring equity, does not have a fixed approach for payment of dividends. This chart details the dividends paid to shareholders since the demerger.

We have paid the following recent dividends;

  • 1.60 cents (AUD) November 2018
  • 1.80 cents (AUD) June 2018
  • 1.25 cents (AUD) December 2017
  • 2.25 cents (AUD) June 2017
  • 3.0 cents (AUD) December 2016

Investor documents

We endeavour to provide meaningful engagement with our stakeholders and investors through the release of our investor news, stakeholder presentations, investor briefings and more. Here you can download past publications for our investors and stakeholders.

Other investor publications

Important information disclosures help keep investors up to date.

For all market releases and media follow the link below

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We are deeply committed to working responsibly, ethically and in full compliance with our obligations. Tilt Renewables’ Code of Ethics and Company Charters reinforce this commitment to the highest level of governance.

Full list of governance documents here

Major shareholders

Tilt Renewables has around 469.5 million shares on issue on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) and Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) .

We have two cornerstone shareholders:

- Infratil Limited 

- Mercury NZ Limited

Plus we enjoy the support of over 8,100 small parcel shareholders.