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The proposed Waverley Wind Farm project is located approximately 6km south-east of Patea and 8km south-west of Waverley, in South Taranaki.

Project Overview

The Waverley Wind Farm project is located approximately 8km south-west of Waverley, in the South Taranaki, New Zealand. This project has obtained all development and environmental approvals and is continuing to progress in the development phase.

The wind farm will include up to 48 wind turbines and will be connected to the Transpower 110kV network via a 13 kilometres of 110kV transmission line to the Waverley Substation.

Please see a map showing the indicative layout of the wind farm here.

Further details about the project can be found below.

Project Details

Resource consents for the Waverley Wind Farm were secured in July 2017 for the construction and operation of the wind farm and transmission line. The project will involve the construction of up to 48 wind turbines and support infrastructure including an on-site substation, access tracks, and for the construction period, an on-site concrete batching plant.

The resource consent restricts the maximum wind turbine tip height to 160 metres AGL with the lowest point of the blades required to have a minimum ground clearance of 30 metres (i.e. maximum rotor size of 130 metres).

A copy of the resource consents can be downloaded below:

The Waverley Wind Farm will produce enough clean energy each year to power about 70,000 homes and save the emission of roughly 350,000 tonnes of carbon. This is the equivalent of removing about 70,000 cars from our roads.

The 800 hectare project envelope covers four properties, excluding those areas which have been identified as part of the Environmental Buffer Zone (EBZ). The formulation of the EBZ within the project site has been informed and refined in response to the various environmental assessments – particularly those relating to visual amenity, natural character, coastal hazards, noise, ecology, avifauna and heritage matters.

Tilt Renewables is committed to open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders, with an aim to build and enhance community acceptance and trust in all projects and in the renewable energy industry.

We welcome your feedback if you have any concerns or believe you can provide local insight into matters which we should address as we enter this next stage of the project.

We are also committed to providing financial support to the local community through community benefit programs. Work on a community fund will begin when construction of the project commences and will be administered by a community-led group.

A wind farm brings many direct opportunities for employment to the region during both the construction phase and ongoing operations once the wind farm is commissioned.

Flow on employment benefits are also achieved as the project brings demand for local business services and consumer goods. Most regions have a range of businesses that will provide services to a wind farm project.

These include:

  • Domestic scale electricians;
  • Transport operators;
  • Competent machine operators;
  • General labourers;
  • Quarries; and
  • Concrete businesses.

The Waverley Wind Farm will directly employ 150 staff during the construction period, which will be up to two years. Economic assessments indicate the multiplier effect will sustain around 700 jobs per year throughout this construction period. Once operational, the proposed Waverley Wind Farm will employ 3 full-time staff during its 30-year operation.

To register interest in providing goods or services for the Waverley Wind Farm project please click here and complete the form. 

Alternatively, you can contact us using our details provided below.

For further information on the Waverley Wind Farm please contact the project team at [email protected] or on 1800 122 823.

If you have a complaint, please contact us at [email protected] or on 1800 306 118.

You can find Tilt Renewables' Complaints Handling Procedure here.