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The Tararua Wind Farm stands on 700 hectares of private farmland in the Tararua Ranges, in the lower North Island of New Zealand and all three stages combine to make New Zealand's largest wind farm.

Project Details

Built over two stages, without government subsidy or incentives, stages 1 and 2 have a total of 103 Vestas V47-660 kW wind turbines, on lattice towers with a hub height of 40m.

Stage 1 was completed in December 1999, making it the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere at the time. This was also when Tilt Renewables (Trustpower) took ownership, entering the fledgling wind industry for the first time.

Stage 2 was the first wind farm construction project executed by the Tilt Renewables team, adding 55 turbines to the existing 48 from stage 1. The project was successfully delivered ahead of time and budget by the team that currently makes up the Tilt Renewables executive.

For many years this site was the best performing commercial wind farm in the world and the original turbines have already generated more than twice the designed production volumes.

The turbines still achieve reliability similar to new turbines, a testament to the asset management program delivered by Vestas, as maintenance partner to Tilt Renewables for more than 17 years.

Celebrating 20 years!

“The first 48 turbines of the Tararua Wind Farm reached official commercial operations on 24 December 1999 and even at 20 years old the project remains one of the best performing in the world,” said Tilt Renewables’ Chief Executive, Deion Campbell.

“We are thrilled to mark the milestone of these machines reaching the end of their ‘design life’ and celebrate that they are still going strong, at this internationally iconic commercial scale wind farm site.”

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Contact Details

For further information on Tararua Wind Farm, please contact the project team at or on 0800 WE TILT (938 458).

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