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The proposed Omamari Wind Farm site is located in hill country, roughly 2-3km inland from Ripiro Beach and approximately 10km north-west of Dargaville, in the north island of New Zealand. The wind farm will generate approximately 73MW of wind energy.

Project Overview

The area proposed for the wind farm is located on Pamu Farms land off Babylon Coast Road. The proposed project will consist of up to 19 turbines, up to 220m height and will be capable of delivering approximately 73MW of renewable energy.

The Project site has been chosen for a variety of reasons:

  • good, consistent wind resource
  • location – the upper North Island would benefit from additional local generation and is close to the major load centre of Auckland
  • site characteristics including existing land use (farmland) and being in an area which is relatively sparsely populated with sufficient road access to support construction and long-term maintenance activities
  • its proximity to the Dargaville substation - the project would connect into the Northpower substation on Gordon Street, Dargaville enabling access to the electricity transmission network

It is anticipated that construction of the Project could begin in late 2021/early 2022.

Further details about the project are outlined below.

Project Details

Tilt Renewables has lodged a Resource Consent Application with the Kaipara District Council (KDC). As part of the Resource Consent Application Tilt Renewables has completed a comprehensive Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE). The AEE includes studies on the various environmental aspects of the development such as, but not limited to:

  • Archaeology & heritage;​
  • Avifauna & ecology;​
  • Planning;​
  • Noise & acoustics;​
  • Heritage & cultural;​
  • Landscape & visual;​
  • Transport;​
  • Civil & earthworks;​
  • Economics;​
  • Radio and communications; and​
  • Aviation.

The KDC is currently processing the Resource Consent Application and AEE. To see a copy of the application and AEE, please follow the link below:

Resource Consent Public Notices, Kaipara District Council.

The site boundary is the property boundary for the Pamu Farms site where the wind farm will be located.

The project envelope is the area within the site boundary that the wind turbines and other associated infrastructure could be placed (such as roads and cables.)

The connection corridor is where the 33kV underground cable connecting the northern cluster to the southern cluster could be placed.

The indicative turbine layout is an example layout depicting the largest number of turbines that could be constructed. The actual constructed layout may differ to this once the final turbine is selected and detailed design activities are completed.

The area for site facilities are locations on the site where site facilities could be located, such as substations, operations and maintenance buildings and construction offices.

The project envelope and transmission corridor have been designed to narrow down where infrastructure will be placed but still allow enough flexibility for the layout and design to be optimised closer to construction. The project envelope has been optimised to minimise environmental and ecological impacts.


Like almost anything that moves – the ocean, tractors, cars, the wind itself – wind turbines do create sound. The sound they make can be described as a cyclic whooshing or swishing sound. In most cases, it is possible to carry on a conversation at the base of a wind turbine without having to raise your voice. At more distant locations, noise levels and character can vary depending on the shape of the land, the position of the listener and the speed and direction of the wind.

Detailed noise studies are undertaken during project development to ensure that noise will not negatively impact on local residents. We are required to meet strict noise requirements which are outlined in the Kaipara District Plan and the New Zealand noise standards. We also monitor noise to ensure we are meeting our requirements during operation of the wind farm.

Visual and Landscape

Tilt Renewables has prepared some photo simulations to depict what the wind farm will look like if designed to the maximum proposed turbine size and turbine numbers from various viewpoints.

Please click this link to view photo simulations of the Omamari Wind Farm.

Network Connection

The project will connect to Northpower’s electricity substation in Dargaville via a 66kV overhead line, although this does not form part of the resource consent application being sought by Tilt Renewables as it is a permitted activity under the District Plan.

Resource Consent

Tilt Renewables will prepare an application including an assessment of environmental effects (AEE). This will then be submitted to the Kaipara District Council, who will consider the application and then put it on public notice. The Council will advertise the Project in the newspaper and will call for written statements (submissions) from the general public. The Council will also send copies of the application to all stakeholders who may be affected by the proposed activity.

Following the submissions period (~20 working days), a hearing will be held to provide Tilt Renewables and anyone who has made a submission, an opportunity to express their position on the application. The decision-makers on behalf of the Council will then complete their assessment and issue a decision on the Project.

For more information on the consent process, please click here.

The proposed Omamari Wind Farm will support the delivery of economic development and environmental objectives within the Kaipara region.

There will be a range of environmental, economic and social benefits including but not limited to:

  • Create opportunity for local employment during construction with an expected 100 jobs and up to four full-time staff during the operating life of the wind farm (~30 years).
  • Generation of enough clean energy to power around 25,000 homes each year.
  • Assist New Zealand to increase the proportion of electricity is generates from renewable energy sources and achieve its climate policy ambitions.
  • The establishment of a Lend a Hand Foundation which is a community investment fund to support local initiatives, clubs, associations and needs in the region.

A Wind Farm brings many direct opportunities for employment to the region during both the construction phase and ongoing operations once the Wind Farm is commissioned.

The Omamari Wind Farm will create an opportunity for local employment during construction and full-time staff during its operating life.

Flow on employment benefits are also achieved as the project will bring demand for local business services and consumer goods. Most regions have a range of businesses that will provide services to a wind farm project.

These include:

  • Domestic scale electricians
  • Transport operators
  • Competent machine operators
  • General labourers
  • Quarries
  • Concrete suppliers

Goods and Services Register

To register interest in providing goods or services for the Omamari Wind Farm project please click here and complete the form.

Alternatively, you can contact us using our details provided below.

Tilt Renewables is committed to taking a flexible approach to consultation that will seek to understand the communication and consultation needs of the community.

We are committed to:

  • Providing opportunities for the community and stakeholders to ask questions, provide feedback and ideas, and participate in decision making
  • Maintaining an open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders
  • Building strong connections with the community
  • Enhancing community acceptance and trust
  • Providing timely responses and feedback to the community’s concerns, with the intention of using this feedback to positively influence the development of the Project where possible.

If you have any concerns or believe you can provide local insight into matters which we should address through the development of the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tilt Renewables is committed to enhancing the communities it works alongside by offering community benefits for all of our projects, including the Omamari Wind Farm.

We will work with the community to ensure any funding is distributed in a way that addresses key social, economic and environmental needs in the region and that is sustainable to and supported by the community.

Lend a Hand Foundation

Tilt Renewables is committed to developing the Lend a Hand Foundation which is a community investment fund, run by a community-led group, to support local initiatives, clubs, associations and needs in the region.

The Lend a Hand Foundation will be developed when construction of the project commences and will operate for the life of the wind farm. Further information relating to benefit sharing will be communicated progressively.

Tilt Renewables is committed to managing complaints in a transparent and professional manner. Complaints if not handled correctly can undermine trust built with key stakeholders and the community, resulting in significant cost through damage to reputation, fines or operational restrictions imposed by regulatory authorities. Complaints can also however provide an opportunity to improve the way that we conduct our business.

Tilt Renewables has a Complaints Handling Procedure that outlines how it will receive and handle complaints. All reporting, monitoring and evaluation associated with complaints management for the project will be in accordance with this procedure.

News and Updates

Newsletters are an important part of Tilt Renewables’ community engagement. Newsletters for the Omamari Wind Farm will increase in frequency as the project develops.

Visit this page regularly to ensure you receive all updates related to the project.

To subscribe to our newsletter mailing list, please click here.

Contact Details

For further information on the Omamari Wind Farm please contact the project team at on 0800 WE TILT (938 458).

If you have a complaint, please contact us at or on 0800 532 749.