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Tilt Renewables is committed to sharing the benefits of our projects with the local and regional community. While renewable energy brings environmental benefits, Forest Wind will also bring employment opportunities and a community benefits plan that aims to strengthen the local community.

Project benefits

Forest Wind would produce enough clean energy to power about 500,000 homes.

Every year it will avoid 2.62 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the same as taking over one million cars off the road.

Forest Wind would create jobs during construction. This is in addition to the flow on jobs that would be created by regional procurement.

Typical goods and services likely to be sourced locally during construction and operations include accommodation, engineering, freight services, construction materials and equipment, local labour, technical contractors, earth works services, fencing and landscaping.

The types of jobs typically created during construction include:

  • Domestic scale electricians
  • Transport operators
  • Competent machine operators
  • General labourers
  • Quarrying staff
  • Concrete suppliers
  • Accommodation providers

To register interest in providing goods or services for Forest Wind please click here and complete the form. Procurement is not managed directly by Forest Wind, instead we will share the Goods & Services Register with our relevant project delivery partners.