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The 270MW Snowtown 2 Wind Farm was commissioned in October 2014, producing an average of 875GWh of electricity per year.

Project Overview

On 17 December 2019, Tilt Renewables was able to reveal that the Snowtown 2 Wind Farm was sold to an entity wholly‐owned by funds managed by Palisade Investment Partners Limited (‘Palisade’) and First State Super. Tilt Renewables will continue to assist in the operation of Snowtown 2 for a period of 6 months, under an Asset Management and Transitional Services Agreement.

Read more about the sale here.

The Snowtown 2 Wind Farm is located adjacent to the Snowtown 1 Wind Farm on the Barunga Ranges in the north and along the Hummocks Ranges to the south. 

The Snowtown 2 Wind Farm is separated into two north and south portions connected via an electrical and communications network which feeds back to an onsite substation located at Barunga Gap. 

The electricity is connected into the national electricity network via a 28km of dedicated 275kV overhead transmission line running from the wind farm substation to new switching station 7km west of Blyth. 

The Snowtown 2 Wind Farm is comprised of 90 wind turbines, including 10 Siemens SWT-101-3.0MW and 80 Siemens SWT-108-3.0MW turbines.

“Snowtown Stage 2 was the first project in Australia to deploy the Siemens direct drive machines, a major leap forward in turbine technology.”

Both turbines utilise permanent magnet generators and direct drive technology. The 10 SWT-101 turbines have a hub height of 80m and a blade length of 49m. The 80 SWT-108 turbines have a hub height of 80m and a blade length of 53m.

Project Details

Clean Energy

The total output of the combined Snowtown wind farms is 370MW, making it the biggest in South Australia.

The annual output of the combined Snowtown Wind Farm is 1,232GWh of renewable energy.

This is enough electricity to power over 200,000 South Australian homes. The wind farm offsets approximately 600,000 tonnes of CO2 produced by thermal electricity generation every year, the equivalent of removing around 200,000 cars from South Australia’s roads. 

The combined Snowtown Wind Farm is the second largest, and one of the best performing wind farms in Australia.


Final planning approvals for Snowtown 2 Wind Farm were secured in August 2012 to install 90 Siemens 3.0 MW turbines with an output of up to 270MW. 

The wind farm was approved following a number of environmental and social impact assessments, including: 

The Snowtown Wind Farm was used as a case study for the South Australian government’s ‘South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework’. 

The case study outlines how Tilt Renewables worked closely with the potentially affected landowners (both on and adjacent to the proposed site) and local community to ensure that the impacts of the construction of the turbines were kept to a minimum, the community and relevant stakeholders were kept well informed and the community were supported and there were social, economical and environmental benefits from the development. The relationships that Tilt Renewables fostered with landowners and local community groups was fundamental to the project’s success.

A copy of the case study can be downloaded here.

Tilt Renewables is committed to open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders, with an aim to build and enhance community acceptance and trust in all projects and in the renewable energy industry as a whole.

We welcome your feedback if you have any concerns and are happy to assist with any questions you may have about the project.

We are also committed to providing financial support to the local community through community benefit programs. This includes the Snowtown Wind Farm Lend a Hand Fund.

The program provides funds for community projects and initiatives in the area and is administered by an independent community group.

Further details about the found can be found here: 

Contact Details

For further information on the Snowtown 2 Wind Farm please contact the project team at or on 1800 WE TILT (1800 938 458).

If you have a complaint, please contact us at or on 1800 306 118.

You can find Tilt Renewables' Complaints Handling Procedure here.