The proposed Snowtown North Solar Farm is a large-scale solar farm that will generate up to 50 MW of solar energy, 10 km west of Snowtown and 170 km north of Adelaide in South Australia. The solar farm will consist of up to 180,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and potential battery storage of up to 25 MW. It will be located on 100 ha of cleared farming land next to the existing Tilt Renewables’ Snowtown Stage 1 Wind Farm substation. 

The energy generated will be injected into the national electricity grid via the existing Snowtown Stage 1 Wind Farm substation, which currently delivers around 100 MW from the wind farm.

While the solar project will have an installed capacity of up to 50 MW, the combined maximum output will not result in any significant increase in peak generation from the wind farm. By combining wind energy (with an evening peak) and solar energy (with a daytime peak), the two farms can combine to better match daily demands. 

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Who is Tilt Renewables?

Tilt Renewables is an owner, operator and developer of wind and solar farms across Australia and New Zealand.

Tilt Renewables was established in October 2016 as a result of a demerger from Trustpower Ltd, which formed in 1924 and has been active in Australia since 2001.

Tilt Renewables is a dual Australian and New Zealand listed company which owns, operates and develops a number of established wind farms and an extensive wind and solar development pipeline.

Tilt Renewables has an existing asset base of 307 operating turbines across 7 wind farms with a total installed capacity of 582 MW. This includes the Snowtown Wind Farms, South Australia’s largest and Australia’s second largest wind farm; Tararua Wind Farm, New Zealand’s largest wind farm; as well as Blaney and Crookwell Wind Farms in NSW.

Tilt Renewables develops wind and solar farms with the ultimate goal of owning and operating them for the life of the projects.

Project Benefits

Clean Energy 

The A$100m project will generate up to 50 MW of renewable energy - enough to power over 18,000 SA homes & offset 85,000 tonnes of CO2 produced by coal-fired electricity generation every year. That’s the equivalent of removing around 20,000 cars from the roads. The Snowtown North Solar Farm will help deliver on South Australia’s Energy Policy for reliable, competitive and clean power for all into the future. 


Up to 200 site staff will be employed during the roughly 8-month construction period, with around 2 permanent full-time employees after construction. 

Lend a Hand Foundation 

Tilt Renewables has a long established commitment to Snowtown and the wider community in the Upper Yorke Peninsula. Through the Lend a Hand Foundation Tilt Renewables provides support for local community projects, charities, schools and individuals when they need it most. The Snowtown Wind Farm currently contributes $50,000 annually to the Foundation. In consultation with the community, Tilt Renewables will be looking at contributing additional funds to the existing Lend a Hand Foundation or implementing a suitable additional benefit from the Project once it is operational.

Community Engagement & Planning Application

In accordance with the new legislation passed in SA in May 2017, a planning application for Snowtown North Solar Farm will be lodged with the Development Assessment Commission (DAC). Tilt Renewables anticipate submitting a planning application for the project in July 2017. Community and stakeholder consultation will be undertaken to provide further information and welcome any feedback prior to lodgement. As part of this process Tilt Renewables will hold a public information evening and offer to meet and discuss the project with immediate neighbours and interested parties.

Tilt Renewables values the strong relationships we’ve shared with landowners and local community groups during the development and ongoing operation of the Snowtown Wind Farm and we would like to build on these relationships for our proposed solar energy farm.

Local Services/Employment

Those who wish to register interest in providing local goods or services for the Project are encouraged to submit their details via email

All expressions of interest will be provided to the final selected contractors prior to construction.

Project News

Visit this page regularly to ensure you receive all news updates and promotional material related to the Snowtown North Solar Farm.

Newsletter - June 2017


Project Details

Snowtown, SA

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Installed Capacity
Up to 50MW Solar Panels Approximately 180,000 panels

Battery Storage
Up to 25 MW

Land required

Project Investment
Up to $100 million

Construction Period
About 8 months

About 200 during construction and 2 full time staff for 25 years of operation.

Project Status
Planning applicationlodged in July 2017

Environmental Benefits
It will provide enough clean energy to power 18,000 SA homes & offset 85,000 tonnes of CO2 produced by coal-fired electricity generation every year (equivalent of removing 20,000 cars from our roads each year).


Contact Us

For more information please contact the project team on:

Aus Ph: 1300 660 623

PO Box 16080 Collins St West, Melbourne Vic 8007