The senior management team of Tilt Renewables has proven capability and a focus on renewable energy generation. Tilt Renewables' desire for long-term partnerships promises an inclusive and innovative way of working with landowners, communities and stakeholders.


Tilt Renewables owns and operates a wind generation portfolio with an installed capacity of 582MW, representing approximately 11% of market share by installed wind capacity in Australasia. Installed capacity is made up of 307 operating turbines across 7 wind farms and includes both Australia’s second largest, and New Zealand’s largest wind farms. Our pipeline of development projects has the potential to produce more than 2000MW of additional renewable generation capacity. 


Tilt Renewables will shift its energy skywards into potential investment in solar generation, in support of the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) of 33,000GWh by 2020. Australia is only halfway towards this target and there is a requirement to build approximately 5,000MW of new renewable generation capacity over the next four to five years. This has resulted in a range of potential investment opportunities that Tilt Renewables will continue to progress in the future in order to support its growth strategy. 

Our brand story

Tilt Renewables brings a fresh approach to energy generation. Our name, Tilt, was inspired by turbines tilting to catch the wind and solar panels tilting towards the sun. But more than that, we’re tilting towards a better future. Our passion is to rebalance energy generation and look beyond the now, to energy that is enduring. We’re genuine about our commitment to renewables, and that’s why it’s in our name. 

Our logo is straightforward, just as we promise to be. It is derived from wind direction and the sun’s rays. The combination of blue skies and yellow rays combine to create our positive green brand colour. The lean of Tilt is our nod to our attitude. Tilt does things differently and will make a difference. Our business is serious, but we also have fun and feel good about what we do. In our partnerships we’ll look to take the angle that makes it work for both parties.